Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Queerest Thing I Found on the Internet This Week

differing in some odd way from what is usual or normal

I consider it a compliment.

"American Gurl " -- The Bearody Version. You may not have ever heard of singer/songwriter Bonnie McKee, but you've probably heard something she's co-written for artists like Katy Perry ("Teenage Dream," "Roar") or Britney Spears ("Hold it Against Me"). In fact, all kinds of artists have recorded her songs, from Adam Lambert and Kelly Clarkson to Kei$ha and Lea Michele. Back in the summer of 2013, McKee released her own bouncy single, "American Girl." It made it to #25 on the Billboard pop chart. But then a San Francisco-based video jockey named Bill Dupp created an all-male lip dub version. Let me be more specific: this video contains all shapes and sizes and hairy men. It's giddy good fun that takes "American Girl" in a whole new direction... and easily qualifies as the queerest thing I found on the Internet this week.

Personal lust might have something to do with it, but I think this guy steals the video.
Pure exuberance and that awesome t-shirt. I'm calling him Kern Cub.
Bill Dupp, the man behind the project.
And here's openly bisexual singer/songwriter Bonnie McKee.
To see her original music video for "American Girl," go here.
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  1. If by the slimmest chance that all of your work on this posting garnered the contact info for Bill Dupp, then feel free to give him mine. You have it. He MAY or may not like codger daddies, but it's worth a stab. "Yes siree BOB" as my real dad used to say.

    1. Among the things I like about him is his name. Since he's a VJ/DJ, my guess is that he's playing with the phrase "build up."