Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Sound of Queer Music, Vol. 8

Celebrating artists and bands that fuck with the heteronormative cultural bias...

Big Dipper. This Chicago-born, Brooklyn-transplant has become America's preeminent queer bear rapper. Since his first release in late 2011 -- "Drip Drop (April Showers)" -- Big Dipper has consistently released outrageous, cheerfully vulgar songs with killer hooks. Whenever he pulls together enough money for a video, the result is sexy, funny and demented. And for those of us into plus-size guys, the man gives good body. His YouTube channel is here. His latest EP release, Extra Good, is available on iTunes. You can listen to all his music on SoundCloud.

Big Dipper (via his Facebook page)
Song & Video: "Vibin'." It's a funky pop summer anthem with an almost-impossible-to-hate hook (and featuring fine vocal support from Patrick Andrews of Baathhaus). The video is a campy beach adventure featuring dancing sailors and Big Dipper as some kind of a bear-mermaid hybrid.

The Bobbleheads. Founded in 2002, they're a self-described "sunshine pop" trio based in San Francisco. The music, according to their Facebook page: "... innocently optimistic guitar-infused rock with melodies and choruses that will stay with you for days." It's a tight, bright sound -- jangly guitar, spirited drumming and ultra-satisfying lead vocals by primary songwriter John Ashfield. Their music, including the current album, Make Yourself Happy, is available on iTunes and CD Baby. Guaranteed to shift your mood from bad to good.

The Bobbleheads, left to right: Patrick Ennis, John Ashfield & Phil Bulan
Song & Video: "Prove Yourself." Three minutes of perfect power pop without a cynical stroke or lyric. Simple and sweet, the video features the band mingling with citizens on a San Francisco street.

Bruiser Queen. Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, this garage pop-punk duo consists of singer/guitarist Morgan Nusbaum and drummer Jason Potter. Nusbaum's wild, robust and dexterous voice is big -- but emotive in just the right measure. Potter's drumming is spot on. (I frankly wish these two would release an album of '60s girl group covers; I think it would be awesome.) Their website is here. Bruiser Queen's music, including the latest album Sweet Static, is available on iTunes and CD Baby.

Bruiser Queen: Jason Potter & Morgan Nusbaum
Song & Video: "On the Radio." It's a kick-ass paean to the (throwback?) joy of discovering your favorite new song on the radio. Nusbaum and Potter are front and center here, singing and playing with only a minimum of effects -- it's a feisty, no-frills clip that just lets you appreciate these artists and their fervent sound.

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